Floor Carpet Underlay, Headrest, Floor Silencer, Roof Silencer, Engine Covers, Fender Liners, Body Cavity Filler, Molded Pillar Filler, Wheelhouse Damper, Molded Dashmat, Wire Harness Wraps, Battery Wrap Insulation w/Ultrasonic Heat Sealed Oil and Acid Resistant Coverstock. Molded car seats and backs.
Dirt and Dust Filters in HVAC Plume System.
Condensation matrix filter in underhood COWL HVAC feed air from outside cockpit to remove moisture and drain into cowl prior to indroduction to passenger compartment to fog windshield.
Door block bumper protectors to protect new car doors in storage.


Quality fiber and mattress build up. Super loft and cushion for comfort made with super soft and memory fiber.

Insulation for jackets and vest helps to protect you from the elements, wind and cold.

Car, Home & Industrials

Seats, Backs, & Padding - vertical fibers give a springlike feature for comfort and extra life.

In-Plant Noise Control
Around motors, Pumps, Presses, Under Roof & Tin Siding Damper & Insulator, Theatre, School Gymnasium, Orchestra and Etc Noise and Reverberation Control, Acoustical Chamber, Speaker and Audio Equipment Liners,
Gasket and Dampers

Material can be made for extra height for R-Factor and combined with other backing material.

Molded Seating
Molded Seats, Backs, Padding & Noise Reduction

Molded Seats, Backs, Padding & Noise Reduction - excellent molding characteristics for all type applications.

Office Furniture
Molded seats, backs, and arms.


100% memory fiber for pillows for super loft and softness. Combined with memory foam makes one great pillow.

Molded Seats, Backs, Padding & Noise Reduction - made for custom fit. Light weight and breathable.

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